Kompostierung Anleitungen: Tipps zum Starten eines Kompoststapels zu Hause

Are you new to composting? If so, you’re probably wondering about how to start compost for gardens. No problem. This article will help with simple instructions for starting a compost pile. Composting for beginners has never been easier. How to Start Compost for Gardens There are a number of ways to compost, but on average, […]

Herstellung von Kompost Innenräumen – Wie man im Haus kompostiert

In this day and age, most of us are aware of the benefits of composting. Composting provides an environmentally sound method of recycling food and yard waste while avoiding filling up our landfills. When you think about composting, an outdoor bin is what likely comes to mind, but can you compost indoors? You betcha! Anyone, […]

Was ist Ericaceous Kompost: Informationen und Anlagen für Säurekompost

The term “Ericaceous” refers to a family of plants in the Ericaceae family – heathers and other plants that grow primarily in infertile or acidic growing conditions. But what is ericaceous compost? Read on to learn more. Ericaceous Compost Info What is ericaceous compost? In simple terms, it is compost suitable for growing acid-loving plants. […]

Kompost vs. Humus: Warum ist Humus im Garten wichtig?

I like myth debunking as much as I like gardening. Myths are kind of like plants in a way, they keep growing if you feed it. One myth that we need to stop feeding or circulating is the one where we declare that compost is humus. No. Just no. Stop. The terms ‘compost’ and ‘humus’ […]

Grundlagen der Kompostierung: Wie funktioniert die Kompostierung?

Regardless of your current soil conditions, the addition of compost can transform it into a healthy growing medium for plants. Compost can be worked into the soil by hand or tilling or added as top dressing. It also makes suitable mulch. Composting Basics Numerous benefits are associated with the use of compost: It can enhance […]

Die Bedeutung von Pflanzenetiketten

As a garden center worker, one of the challenges I face every spring is missing or unreadable plant tags on last year’s remaining plant stock. Like socks that vanish in the dryer, when the plant was put to bed for winter it had a legible plant label, but as I prepare it for spring, the […]

Die 7 wichtigsten Pflanzen zur Förderung des Glücks

Most of us are familiar with the fabulous powers of a four-leaf clover to bring luck, but what other plants have such significance?We can all do with more luck, whether it’s in love, money or health. Growing these fortune making plants will not only provide blessings but add beauty tot he home and landscape. So, […]

Top 5 der Tomatenpflanzenschädlinge

Tomatoes are one of the more popular crops to grow, and really with good reason; there are innumerable ways to use this delectable fruit. Unfortunately, you may find that you are vying with any number of Mother Nature’s critters for the fruits of your labor. Yes, tomatoes are a popular crop, but they aren’t only […]

Top 5 Tomatenpflanzenkrankheiten

Tomatoes are without a doubt one of the most popular crops grown in the home garden. Unfortunately, for every optimistic tomato grower, there are dozens of diseases and pests ready to crush hopes for a bumper crop of this luscious fruit goodbye. Here, in no particular order, is a list of the top 5 tomato […]