Vermehrung von Heidelbeeren – Wie man Heidelbeersträucher vermehrt

As long as you have acidic soil, blueberry bushes are a real asset to the garden. Even if you don’t, you can grow them in containers. And they’re worth having for their delicious, abundant fruit that’s always better fresh than in the store. You can buy blueberry bushes at most nurseries, but if you’re feeling […]

Wachsende Heidelbeersträucher im Hausgarten

Blueberries have been in health news a lot lately. Packed with antioxidants and tasty as well, many gardeners are wondering about growing blueberry bushes in their own garden. Planting blueberry bushes in your garden is possible with a little preparation. What Does a Blueberry Bush Look Like? While these are popular fruits, many people are […]

Was ist eine Lowbush Heidelbeere – Wie man Lowbush Heidelbeeren anbauen kann

Most of the blueberries you see in grocery stores are from highbush blueberry plants (Vaccinium corymbosum). But these cultivated blueberries have a less common, delightful cousin – the wild or lowbush blueberry. Its small but very flavorful berries are almost candy-sweet, with an intense blueberry flavor. Although lowbush blueberries are typically found growing in the […]

Brombeer-Begleitpflanzen: Was man mit Brombeersträuchern pflanzen sollte

Not every gardener gets around to planting near blackberries. Some leave the rows to grow in neatly on their own for maximum sun and easy harvesting. However, companion plants for blackberry bushes can help those brambles thrive, if you choose the right ones. Read on for information about what to plant with blackberry bushes. Each […]

Was sind Marionbeeren: Erfahren Sie mehr über den Anbau und die Pflege von Marionbeeren

Marion blackberries, sometimes referred to as the “Cabernet of Blackberries,” are the premier blackberry cultivated and used in everything from yogurt, jam, baked goods and juices. They have a complex, rich flavor, deep reddish purple color and superior texture and size over other blackberry varietals, and that’s not all. Read on for further information regarding, […]

Beschneiden der Heidelbeerpflanze: Wie man Blaubeeren beschneidet

Pruning blueberries is essential in order to maintain their size, shape, and productivity. When blueberry plants are not pruned, they can become overgrown masses of weak, leggy growth with small fruit. However, severe pruning can lead to larger berries but fewer in number. So now, the question you may be asking is, “How do I […]

Plantain Pflanzenpflege – Wie man Plantain Bäume züchtet

If you live in USDA zones 8-11 you get to grow a plantain tree. I’m jealous. What is a plantain? It’s sort of like a banana but not really. Keep reading for fascinating information on how to grow plantain trees and plantain plant care. What is a Plantain? Plantains (Musa paradisiaca) are related to banana […]