Top 5 Gartenzitate für Inspiration

I don’t think I have ever visited a botanical garden where I didn’t see the famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “The Earth Laughs in Flowers” on a sign, carved into a bench, on a stepping stone, etc. There’s no doubt that Ralph Waldo Emerson’s kinship with nature and wise words have inspired many gardeners […]

Top 10 Pflanzen für Hydroponische Gartenarbeit

Hydroponics is a different kind of gardening than you may be used to. It is essentially growing plants without soil. The term hydroponics suggests that the plants are grown in water instead of soil, but, in fact, nutrient-rich water is only one of several mediums that can be used. You can also use sand culture, […]

Top 10 Pflanzen für Feengärten

Small gardens are an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside. Miniature plants are more than just dwarf varieties or bonsai specimens. Miniatures may also be carefully pruned perennials or even young conifers. The goal is to create a landscape that has been shrunken down and often includes little touches such as lamp posts, benches, […]

Top 10 Pflanzen für einen Cottage-Garten

When I first read about the concept of cottage gardening, I came to the realization that I was already a cottage gardener and just didn’t know it. My gardens have always been happily cluttered with crowded mixed and matched flowers, herbs and other edibles, mainly because I tend to overlook (or deliberately ignore) the finely […]

Top 10 Ziersträucher

Shrubs are big enough to make a real statement in your garden without hogging the spotlight like towering trees. When you pick the right shrub, it earns its keep by contributing to the beauty of your garden without asking too much in return. The best ornamental shrubs are easy maintenance and drought resistant too. Here’s […]

Wachsende Wassermelonen im Weißen Wunderwerk

Watermelons are a great addition to the garden, but what if you’re sick and tired of plain old red watermelon? What if you want something new? (But still really want to grow watermelons). Well, look no further than the White Wonder watermelon, a fascinating variety that’s traditional green on the outside but unmistakably white on […]

Victorianische Rhabarbergeschichte – Was ist Victoria Rhabarber?

Everyone is all abuzz about heirloom plants. Victoria rhubarb is one of the best tasting varieties with a long history of use. You might recognize the taste from your grandma’s pies. It was developed over 175 years ago and has been in kitchen gardens ever since. It was introduced to commemorate Queen Victoria, a testament […]

Tigger Melone Erbschaft Pflanzen

I must confess to being a fan of cucurbits. Melons, squash and gourds come in such a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors; they capture the imagination and engage the eye. Tigger melon (Cucumis melo) is one of the prettiest, with a slightly psychedelic appearance reminiscent of tie-dyed fabric. The starburst patterns and orange […]

Erfahren Sie mehr über Musa Velutina Bananenbaumpflanzen

Have you ever seen a pink banana? No, this isn’t a retelling of last night’s dream or some mythical story I’ve just made up. There really are pink bananas and they grow on Musa velutina banana tree plants, a.k.a. Baby Pink Banana or Hairy Banana. Keep reading for more fascinating pink banana information that I […]